Dino Farnese

Born of European decent, Dino Farnese learned to love the arts early in his childhood. As a boy he traveled to Europe, often spending days in museums being impressed by the works of the great masters. In the years to follow, his parents settled on a ranch in Colorado, where Farnese spent countless hours drawing from nature. With a talented father to coach him and the encouragement of his mother he excelled in art, winning local shows and sculpting a limited edition bronze before graduating from high school. With a love of painting and drawing Farnese enrolled into the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver, studying Advertising Design. Upon graduation, he returned to his painting, but soon found himself co-founder, illustrator and creative director of an international company. The company went on to win many top awards and honors in the clothing industry. Farnese was inducted by his peers and professors into the Colorado Institute of Art “Hall of Fame” in 1995. For twenty years Farnese was involved in the business until it sold in the year 2000. After the sale of his business, Farnese was able to return to his dream of becoming a fine artist. He began working outdoors to establish the foundations and sound principles of landscape painting. Dino Farnese has committed his time to a rigorous pursuit of attaining a higher level of painting, and is constantly studying to challenge his skill and understanding to make a truthful statement of where he’s been and what he sees. Dino Farnese’s paintings can be found in private collections throughout the United States and abroad.