Richard Murray

Richard Murray was born and raised in Salt Lake City where he attended The University of Utah, and majored in fine art. His talent was immediately apparent. He became adept with a wide range of mediums and a varied group of subjects including portraiture, figurative painting and landscape painting.

His childhood dream of becoming a rancher continues to inspire him to paint animals and depict the essence of the animal. His paintings are at once realistic, with a minimal, contemporary style, noted for their dimensional quality. They are based on extensive research and a close connection to the subjects he paints. Throughout his life, he has visited zoos, ranches and wildlife sanctuaries and traveled abroad in search of domestic and exotic subjects. In addition, Richard enjoys the many animals that reside on his own remote nature preserve on the shores of the Snake River in eastern Oregon. His study of the lives, habits and history of each species allows the animal to be presented in a light devoid of symbolism. The animals speak for themselves.

His work has been featured in publications including Southwest Art magazine and is featured in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Wildlife Art.