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Map of the Mining Claims North of Aspen Colo.  Chas.W. Miller Engineer 1888

G.W. & C.B. Colton

Lithography, 29 x 51, 36 x 68, framed


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The piece was printed by G.W. and C.B. Colton in 1888.  It is a single issue piece, i.e. it was not printed as part of any atlas or larger work.  It is laid on linen, as issued.  The piece shows hundreds of mining claims in Aspen.  The area of the map includes Castle Creek, Roaring Fork Valley, Hunter Creek Valley and Porphyry Mountain.  The piece shows some age but is still in remarkable condition. I had the map minimally preserved and expertly framed.  Not restoration, just a little help. 

Very shortly after this map was made, silver was grossly devalued from effects of the repeal of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act.  

After the price of silver dropped, the claims were lost or abandoned and people left Aspen.  The quiet years followed.  The mining claim map was somehow misplaced and remained unseen until I acquired it.   

The map came to me in remarkable shape.  I sent it to my conservator who stabilized, flattened, and archivally framed the map.  It has some water stains and the edges are a little frayed, but it is all there.

With the exception of the Library of Congress, there is no record anywhere of a comparable map.  There is no copy at the library nor the Historical Society.  You will not find a comparable map.